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Optimize Your Brain Kit


Educational kit is here !

Optimize your brain kit

Optimize Your Brain™ educational kit is an exciting new series full of ways to start improving your intellectual and emotional intelligence authored by Neil Nedley, M.D.  This six part program is sold as a unit that includes informative video lectures and a workbook that will help put your newfound knowledge into action. 

Optimize Your Brain™ educational kit will help to increase your ability to learn, retain, and apply knowledge.  The program is designed to improve your creativity, efficiency in studying, earning power, and intellectual success.  Perhaps even more importantly you will learn how to recognize and manage your emotions, how to manage relationships, build empathy, willpower, motivation, and strengthen your character. 

Optimize Your Brain™ educational kit is a comprehensive, research-based program that gives you tools to improve many areas of your life such as relationships, academics, love of learning, clearness of thinking, health, nutrition, fitness, self-control, career, and personal satisfaction.  The resources and time you invest in this program may be the best investment you ever make!

This education kit includes:
* Optimize Your Brain™ DVD Series by Dr. Neil Nedley (Includes Spanish Subtitles)
* One (1) Optimize Your Brain™ Workbook by Dr. Neil Nedley
* One (1) Optimize Your Brain™ Music CD

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